Septic Tank Maintenance & System Services Tips

Advice to home owners

For the on-site wastewater system to work well there are some good habits to encourage and some bad habits to avoid.

1. In order to reduce sludge build up in the tank

  • Scrape all dishes to remove fats, grease, etc before washing
  • Keep all possible solids out of the system
  • Do not use a garbage grinder unless the system has been specifically designed to carry the extra load
  • Do not put sanitary napkins and other hygiene products into the system

2. In order to keep bacteria working in the tank and in the land application area

  • Use biodegradable soaps
  • Use a low phosphorus detergent
  • Use a low sodium detergent in dispersive soil area
  • Use detergents in recommended quantities
  • Don't use powerful bleaches, whiteners, nappy soakers, spot removers or disinfectants
  • Don't put chemicals or paints down the drain

3. Conserving water will reduce the volume of effluent that requires disposal to the land application area

  • Installation of water saving fittings
  • Taking showers instead of baths
  • Only washing clothes when there is a full load
  • Only using the dishwasher when there is a full load

4. Avoid overloading the system by spacing out water use evenly as possible